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BOur journal just received 20 points on the list of scientific journals scored by the ministry! We’re really proud and want to thank you all for big support! See the link for more information:…/komunikat-ministra-edukacji-i… and join our team and paper in the newest issue!

Vol 7 of E-methodology

We are glad to annonce that the first papers have been produced as Ahead of Print: Painkillers among people aged 20-30 according to questionnaires by Katarzyna Cieciora and Roksana Papierkowska


Book of Abstracts Invitation from the “Uniwersytet Medyczny im. Piastów Śląskich we Wrocławiu” – Session 3 starts at 14.15 (CET): ON INFECTIOUS DISEASE RISK PERCEPTION IN THE INTERNET

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3 days till the conference ‼📣Please, meet our team:Dr. Luba Jakubowska (PhD) is a psychologist and a pedagogue. She specialises in methodology of research in social sciences. In recent years she has devoted particular attention to research with the use of the Internet. She is the founder and the editor of the “e-methodology” journal. Furthermore,… Continue reading 3 days left

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We’d like to invite you all for the conference as listeners (for free!)! Take part in the conference, meet interesting people and ideas for online education, projects and research! 💡 Apply here:


Session 1 Telemedicine and virtual reality (chaired by Katarzyna Kaczmar) 10.10 – 11.20 Robert Geisler, Prof., Marta Geisler, MA.; The University of Opole, Poland Knowledge for Educational Projects in Cardiovascular Disease. Big Data Analysis 10.10 – 10.25 Łukasz Czekaj, PhD; Jakub Domaszewicz, MA; Andrzej Jarynowski, C. Sc.; Robert Kitłowski, MA; AIDMED, Poland Telemedicine multi-centre study… Continue reading Program


We kindly ask poster presenters to send us your posters in pdf format by May 18, 2021. We would also like to inform, that the posters will be published on our official website and available for comments during the conference. In case of any doubts or additional questions, please contact the conference secretary (

Organizers meeting

Today a meeting on the upcoming E-methodology online conference took place. If you have not sent your application form yet, do not worry. We are waiting for you by April 23!