After registration or willingness to

Thank you for registering of its considering for our conference. Below is some important information:

1) If the abstract has not been sent yet, please do it by May 3,  2021, at the latest. Abstracts sent after this time will not be published in the book of abstracts;

2) We look forward to your articles no later than June 6, 2021.

Attention! Please, prepare the abstract and the article according to the editorial requirements of the journal. Guidelines (affiliate data, abstract, footnotes, bibliography, tables formatting) can be found in the file entitled “APA STYLE”.

Information about the conference and the journal can be followed on our websites: Website of the journal:

Website of the conference:


Please, send your abstracts, articles, and questions to the following

address: e-mail:

Attention! Persons who were late to apply for the conference can do thatby filling the form and sending (prepared according to standards of the conference -max 150 words) abstract not later than by May 3, 2021.

Application form:

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