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3 days till the conference ‼📣
Please, meet our team:
Dr. Luba Jakubowska (PhD) is a psychologist and a pedagogue. She specialises in methodology of research in social sciences. In recent years she has devoted particular attention to research with the use of the Internet. She is the founder and the editor of the “e-methodology” journal. Furthermore, she is a member of editorial boards of 4 scientific journals, including 3 of international impact. The subjects to which L. Jakubowska pays particular attention to identity and image, and in recent years she has conducted research into the significance of computer-mediated communication in self-presentation. Luba Jakubowska conducts methodology workshops, also in organisations outside Poland (Paris, Lviv). What is more, L. Jakubowska is the author of nearly 40 academic papers, coordinator and participant of educational and research projects, and the organiser and co-organiser of numerous academic conferences. She is the main organiser of the international academic conference “e-methodology”, which will be held for the sixth time in 2021.

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