9th E-methodology conference 2024 (19.04)

Full programme

Simplified programme

AuthorTitleTime fromTime to
Luba Slósarz& othersIntroduction09:0009:20
Paolo Di SiaImmersive technologies between technicization and human dimension: general aspects and applications09:2009:40
Shivangi NigamNavigating the Digital Realm: Insights into Online English Language Teaching and Learner Perspectives09:4010:00
Anna CwojdzińskaCan AI-generated Input Replace Subjects in the Initial Phases of Psychological and Educational Research?10:0010:20
ldikó SzabóSupporting inclusion in teaching and learning STEM subjects within the DISCO+ project10:2010:40
Andrzej JarynowskiUtilizing AI tools in Teaching ONE health (tutorial hands on)10:4011:10
Coffee Break11:1011:40
Aleksander K. SmakoszIn silico algorithms in the service of drug discovery11:4012:00
Eleftherios MeletisEarly warning methods for epidemic wave prediction12:0012:20
Ksenija BenčinaIs feedback in the eye of the beholder? Chat GPT vs. Google Gemini in giving feedback on students’ oral presentation scripts12:2012:40
Marlli Andrea ZambranoTracking people using their phones in service of public health12:4012:50
Aleksandra SoltysiakAntibiotics in Polish Internet12:5013:00
Poster presentersGuided tour for the posters13:0013:20
Lunch Break13:2014:00
Special sessionIntroduction to telemonitoring and e-health14:0014:05
Stanisław MaksymowiczPulmoRehab -pulmonary telerehabilitation14:0514:20
Adrianna SzalonkaImplementation and testing of pilot telemedical model solutions in the area of ‘Chronic Diseases’ and ‘Geriatrics’14:2014:35
Piotr PopowskiIntegrated Pulmonary Patient tele-care14:3514:50
Panel presentersdiscussion on telemonitoring and e-health14:5015:00
Coffee Break15:0015:30
Suresh IsaveA study of the use of AI by student-teachers15:3015:45
Mudassir ArafatUsing Kano Analysis to Develop Learning Management Software15:4516:00
Niranjana SopernaThe Impact of COVID-19: A Study of Academic Stress in High School Students of Vietnam Due to the Transition from Offline to Online Lessons.16:0016:15
Andrzej BudaIs ‘Global’ Warming Concept Consisted With Thermodynamics according to ChatGPT?16:1516:30
Bhawna SyalImplementing E-Methodology in the Classroom: Enhancing Learning in the Digital Age16:3016:45
Luba Slósarz& othersclosing16:4516:50


Iwona KlisowskaDo seniors need technological innovation?
Iwona TwardakThe knowledge of medical staff on the impact of noise on neonatal intensive care units patients and its application in practice.
Michaela Dellenmark- BlomCongenital esophageal atresia – surgical treatment results in the context of quality of life
Angelika DudekIntegrating Artificial Intelligence in Forensic Science
Jakub LichosikThe impact of widely used algorithms of large language models on information retrieval and the associated potential risks.
Mariola SeńArtificial Intelligence (AI) and Chat GPT in teaching at every level of education
Iga UżyńskaMusic therapy with use of virtual reality
Ewa KołodziejczykSocial media as a personal branding tool for medical professionals
Wiktoria DenekaInformation flow in public discourse based on the Oder river environmental disasteryes
Barbara GrabowskaOnline Diet Center-basic information.
Magdalena Kazimierska-ZającMental health – expert advice vs. chat GPT
Alisa SergeevaProtein & ligand: target searchyes
Martyna MencelHealth students towards telemedicineyes
Miłosz LipietaImpact of endometriosis on the quality of sexual life of women of reproductive age in Poland