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SESSION 1: Education, social (new) and traditional media listening chaired by Mateusz Lickindorf 
Ildikó Szabó, PhD University of Pécs, Hungary From the Quill to the Pendrive Digital Learning Materials in Teaching Languages for Special Purposes in Higher Education in QuILL Project9.20
Antonia Liguori, PhD Loughborough University, United Kingdom Digital Storytelling as a tool for peer learning Reflecting on the European project SOLIS as a case study within formal and non-formal Education9.40
Paolo Di Sia, Prof. University of Verona & University of Padova, Italy Looking at the Impact of Digital Revolution in School Education: Considerations and Insights10.00
Coffee break and poster session10.20
SESSION 2: Infodemiology: Information, epidemiology, methodology chaired by Mateusz Lickindorf 
Maia Romanowska, MA Global Immunization Action Network Team, USA & Medical Hygiene Association, Poland Infodemic Management by WHO/GAVI/Unicef/US CDC10.40
Katarzyna Kuźmicz, MA Interdisciplinary Research Institute in Glogow, Poland International online recruitment process11.00
Patrycja Poklękowska, MA Interdisciplinary Research Institute in Glogow, Poland HR Managers and Agencies vs HR Business Partners in IT11.20
Marta Nowakowska-Kotas, PhD; Krystian Obara, PhD; Jakub Stojanowski MD, Sławomir Budrewicz, PhD Wroclaw Medical Univeristy, Poland Infodemic’s Impact on Patient Behavior and Stroke Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Analysis of Internet Searches and Clinical Data11.40
Coffee break12.00
Andrzej Buda, PhD Interdisciplinary Research Institute in Glogow, Poland Collective Behaviour Of Crimes in CyberSpace12.20
Stanisław Maksymowicz, PhD School of Public Health, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland Biopolitics in the Internet during pandemic and war time12.40
Jakub Kuś, PhD SWPS University, Poland Techniques of social influence as a tool to reduce the dispersion of responsibility on the Internet13.00
Alexander Semenov, Prof. University of Florida, USA Impact of Geographic Factors on Friendship: a Case of VK.com13.20

Lunch break & POSTERS session

SESSION 3: E-health, AI in education, medicine and healthcare chaired by Andrzej Jarynowski 
Łukasz Czekaj, PhD; Szymon Gęsicki, Eng; Jakub Domaszewicz, MSc; Andrzej Jarynowski, PhD; Robert Kitłowski MA AIDMED, Poland; Katarzyna Prusik, DSc Gdańsk University of Physical Education and Sport, Poland; Gabriela Czarnek, PhD Jagiellonian University, Poland Enhancing Physical Activity Motivation in Pulmonary Patients with Artificial Intelligence (A Collaborative Approach to Telerehabilitation)14.50
Anton Vlasiuk, BSc Solvti, Poland Embracing AI in Everyday Life: Simplifying Routines and Navigating Challenges for the Modern Individual15.10
Daniel Platek, PhD ISP PAN, Poland Initiators or participants? The position of political parties in protest coalitions in Polish Internet media during the first year of COVID-19 pandemic15.30
Karolina Tądel, PhD canidate; Iwona Bil-Lula Ph.D., DSc, Professor, Wroclaw Medical University, Poland Andrzej Dudek, Assoc. Prof. dr hab. Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, Poland AI in medicine and the model of technology adoption on the example of the implementation doctorate program15.50
Monika Wójta-Kempa, PhD Wroclaw Medical University, Poland; Andrzej Jarynowski, PhD Interdisciplinary Research Institute in Glogow, Poland Impact of online information on health decisions (supply and demand analysis for Poland)16.10
Andrzej Jarynowski, PhD; Vitaly Belik, Prof. Free University of Berlin, Germany Monitoring Antimicrobial Use and Perception in the Context of One Health on Polish and German Internet16.30
Iwona Mazur, PhD Wroclaw Medical Univeristy Telemedicine, Telecare as an element of the process of deinstitutionalization of health services16.50
End of the conference17.10
POSTER SESSION (during breaks, online on conference website)
Anna Rozensztrauch, PhD; Robert Śmigiel, prof. dr hab.; Dariusz Patkowski, prof. dr hab.; Sylwester Gerus, MD Wroclaw Medical Univeristy, Poland Michaela Dellenmark-Blom University of Gothenburg Reliability, and Validity of the Polish Version of the Esophageal-Atresia-Quality-of-Life Questionnaires to Assess Condition-Specific Quality of Life in Children and Adolescents Born with Esophageal Atresia
Andrea Palmini MSc, Vitaly Belik Prof.; Andrzej Jarynowski PhD; Free Univeristy of Berlin, Germany Mitchell Welch Prof.; Johann Boshoff Prof.; Derek Schneider PhD; Terence Sibanda PhD; Isabelle Ruhnke Prof. University of New England, Armidale, Australia Explaining infectious disease based on mobility obtained from RFID sensor data on free range egg laying hens movements – preliminary analysis with a toy model
Barbara Grabowska,PhD; Laura Denys MSc, Luba Ślósarz, PhD Wroclaw Medical University The impact of working in front of a screen of digital devices on the organ of vision in health professionals
Iwona Klisowska MA, Barbara Grabowska, PhD; Iwona Twardak MSc, Mariola Seń PhD Wroclaw Medical Univeristy, Poland Education of Ukrainian children in Poland – basic information
Magdalena Kazimierska-Zając, PhD Wroclaw Medical University, Poland Artificial Intelligence in healthcare
Mariola Seń, PhD; Iwona Klisowska MSc, Barbara Grabowska, PhD; Agnieszka Lintowska, PhD Wroclaw Medical Univeristy, Poland National Health Fund apps (applications) for health monitoring and improve health: My Health Plus and My Physio Plus
Agata Trafalska MD Wroclaw Medical University, Poland Possibilities of telerehabilitation of children with developmental disorders and assessment of such method of therapy by their parents
Aleksandra Lisowska PhD, Agnieszka Kraińska MSc, Iwona Twardak MSc Wroclaw Medical Univeristy, Poland Sign language in communication with the patient
Aleksandra Lisowska PhD, Agnieszka Kraińska MSc, Iwona Twardak MSc Wroclaw Medical Univeristy, Poland Alternative systems of communicating with the patient
Agnieszka Kraińska MSc, Iwona Twardak MSc, Aleksandra Lisowska, PhD; Roksana Paluch MSc Wroclaw Medical Univeristy, Poland Methods of dealing with stress problem among post mastectomy women
Andrzej Jarynowski PhD, Marcus Röckl BSc, Maximilian Paul BSc, Vitaly Belik Prof, Free University of Berlin, Germany; Alexander Semenov Prof. University of Florida, USA Predicting side on Twitter during protests against COVID-19 mitigation measures in Vienna
Dominika Kuźma BSc, Roksana Papierkowska BSc Wroclaw Medical University, Poland Attitude of young women aged 18-30 to using menstrual cycle tracking apps
Iwona Twardak MSc, Aleksandra Lisowska, PhD; Iwona Klisowska MSc Wroclaw Medical University, Poland Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on patients and palliative care workers
Anna Dąbek MSc, Iwona Zborowska MSc, Izabela Wróblewska dr hab. Wroclaw Medical Univeristy, Poland Is computer and internet familiar for seniors?
Luba Ślósarz, PhD; Wroclaw Medical Univeristy, Poland Wiesław Ślósarz, PhD Private Sexology Practice recommended by the Polish Sexological Society, Poland Internet-mediated sexuality. New opportunities and threats
Barbara Grabowska PhD; Iwona Klisowska MA; Mariola Seń PhD; Kornelia Freus Wroclaw Medical Univeristy, Poland Importance of mass media in health promotion and health education of the population
Iwona Twardak MSc, Aleksandra Lisowska, PhD; Agnieszka Kraińska MSc, Jerzy Twardak, PhD Wroclaw Medical University, Poland The level of life satisfaction and strategies of coping with difficult situations of intensive care nurses